Low Carb Recipes

cauliflower steaks

Rinse cauliflower well, dry, trim the stems, and cut the leaves. Trim the sides as well using a sharp knife and cut 4 - 5 steaks depending on how large the heads are. You can keep the florets to add to your next day's meal. Mix steak spice seasoning and smoked paprika seasoning and sprinkle generously the cauliflower steaks. Preheat charcoal or gas grill to medium high or high. Place the...read more

braised rosemary lamb shoulder

Rinse and chop Brussels sprouts, baby beets, and sweet potatoes. Use a baking dish, add oil, and arrange vegetables in the dish. Saute garlic cloves and onion in a frying pan and add to the vegetables. Saute for about 3 - 4 minutes or until golden. Remove from heat and set aside. Combine salt, freshly ground black pepper, oregano, thyme, and rosemary and mix well. Roll the lamb shoulders on both...read more

spinach puree and eggs sunny side up

Rinse onion, carrot, spinach, and parsley, dice onion, and chop all vegetables. Preheat olive oil, use a large saucepan, and add onion to saute. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes and add chopped carrot. Cook for 4 - 5 more minutes, add spinach and pour in water when spinach is wilted. Simmer for 5 - 6 minutes, add tomato and parsley, and season with salt. Cook for 3 - 4 minutes, leave to cool, and puree in...read more

meatballs soup

Combine minced meat with 1/2 diced onion, fresh ground black pepper, salt to taste, and egg yolk. Mix well and form small meatballs. Roll meatballs in almond flour, preheat oven, and bring water to boil in a pan. Chop carrot and parsley and add 1/2 diced onion, carrot, parsley, and oil to the pan. Then add meatballs and cook for about 20 minutes. Dice tomatoes and add to the soup. Cook for 10 -...read more

low carb butter chicken

Peel and chop onion. Preheat olive oil in a pan and add ginger and onion. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes and stir occasionally until onion is browned. Add vegetable broth and tomato paste and curry powder and cook for 3 - 4 minutes. Then add cream, cook for several minutes, and bring to boil. Let it simmer for 3 - 5 minutes and set aside. Leave to cool. You can also process in a blender. Blend until...read more

tomato bocconcini salad

Rinse and cut tomatoes and cucumber in slices and drain Bocconcini balls. You can use any size ball you want to. Rinse and dry spinach and then mince onion. Use a pretty shallow bowl to piece the salad together. Add tomatoes, Bocconcini balls, cucumber, spinach, and onion. Use a small bowl to prepare the dressing. Add balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper if desired. You can also add...read more

spinach soup

Heat olive oil in a Dutch oven or saucepan and saute onion until golden (2 - 3 minutes). Rinse all vegetables, peel and chop carrots, and chop spinach. Add spinach to the sauce pan. Cook for 4 - 5 minutes or until wilted and add water. Stir occasionally or a couple of times. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 4 - 5 minutes. Season with salt to taste, cover with a lid, and simmer for 8 -...read more

zucchini with yogurt dill sauce

Whisk yogurt, add garlic and fresh dill, and combine well. Season with fresh ground pepper and salt if desired and leave aside. Thin with water if too thick to reach the desired consistency. You may also add 1/2 spoon of lemon juice for more flavor. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Then rinse and dry zucchini and cut in halves. Cut halves into thick slices and sprinkle with olive oil. Cut tomato into...read more

feta appetizer

Cut feta cheese into squares or 1/2 to 3/4 inch cubes and arrange on a serving platter or a large rectangular-shaped plate. As a rule of thumb, 400 grams of feta cheese (14 ounces) yield about 46 - 48 small squares. Rinse olives well under cold running water and then drain. Once arranged on a platter, sprinkle feta with red pepper to taste and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Add two whole...read more

cucumber soup

Peel and chop the cucumber into small cubes. To mince the garlic use garlic press if you have one handy. In a salad bowl add the cucumber, garlic, dill and salt. In a separate bowl mix the yogurt with water. Use a fork to blend (it doesn't get lumpy this way). Combine the yogurt with the cucumber mix and add olive oil. Serve chilled. In the summer you can add ice...read more

spinach and tomato salad

Rinse spinach and cherry tomatoes and dry and cut feta into cubes. Use a serving bowl and add spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes and top with feta cheese. Toss gently. Combine balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl and mix well. Shake to blend. Pour the dressing on top and toss again to combine. Season salad with salt or crunchy salt if desired. Serve immediately or with the main course...read more

pulled pork with cabbage and bean salad

Remove twine or netting from the pork. Combine onion and garlic powder, black pepper, salt, paprika, dried thyme and cumin seed and add vinegar and olive oil to make a paste. Use a slow cooker, add pork, and top with the olive oil and vinegar paste. Cover with a lid and cook on low for 6 1/2 hours or until the meat shreds easily. Use a fork to check. Use a small bowl to combine olive oil, salt,...read more

poached eggs with asparagus and parmesan

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Stir water in one direction with a spoon or spatula. Crack an egg into a separate bowl, and pour the egg from the bowl into the water. Repeat for another egg.Cook for about 2-3 minutes until the whites are set but not the yolks; fish them out.Heat water in a bowl and cook the asparagus for 4 - 5 minutes or until tender. Leave aside to cool. Saute the garlic...read more

bocconcini bites

Cut cucumber into slices and then into halves and cut Kalamata olives into thin slices. Rinse radish and also cut into slices. Use toothpicks or cocktail sticks to hold together. Place radish slices onto slices of olives and then add bocconcini cheese and cucumber. You can also make shapes if you have more time and have friends coming over. Cut cheese in zigzag with a sharp knife to create tulip...read more

country style pork liver

To make country-style pork liver, first rinse and clean liver very well to remove blood clots and then cut into cubes. Sprinkle with salt and ground black pepper to taste, roll in almond flour. Use a frying pan, melt butter, and cook on both sides until well done. Remove liver from the pan and set aside. Dice onion and saute for 3 - 4 minutes or until golden. Slice peppers and dice tomatoes and...read more

sweet potato soup

Slice the carrot, peel the sweet potato, and grate it. Heat butter in a pan and cook onion for 2 - 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook for 2 minutes or until soft. Then add the carrot, cook for 4 - 5 minutes, and add the sweet potato and water. Cover with a lid. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 - 6 minutes or until tender. Remove from heat when the carrot and potato become soft. Stir occasionally. Add...read more

goat cheese chicken and veggie medley

Make a pocket in each chicken breast half using a sharp knife. Combine lime juice, butter, goat cheese, thyme, and salt in a bowl. Make equally-sized plugs and fill in chicken breasts. Press slightly. Preheat oven to 200 C. Use a baking dish, oil slightly, and put the chicken breasts. Bake for 50 - 60 minutes or until golden and crisp. Remove from oven and leave aside. De-seed the red and...read more

stuffed boneless pork rib roast

Rinse pork loin first and use paper towels to dry. If there is excess fat, you can trim it off. Make deep cuts with a sharp knife. The cuts must be 1/4 inch apart and parallel.Stuff the meat with carrots and garlic. Use household string to tie the pork loin firmly and tie at intervals. Combine olive oil, water, and soy sauce, mix well, and season the entire surface. This is a great way to...read more

walnut fudge

You can make your own sugar-free powdered sugar using 1 cup powdered sweetener and 1 Tbsp corn starch or arrowroot powder. Or 1/2 cup xylitol and 1/2 cup sucralose - Combine them in a food processor or blender. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a large bowl, mix together the "sugar" and softened butter and beat with a mixer. Beat until well blended and very creamy. Add the...read more

tofu scramble with black beans

Use absorbent kitchen paper to absorb liquid in tofu. Then mash the tofu with a masher or fork. Preheat oil in a nonstick skillet, add onion, and cook for 3 - 4 minutes. Or add 1/2 cup of water instead of oil and saute onion for 4 - 5 minutes. Add the mushrooms and red bell pepper and cook for 3 - 4 minutes. Add cumin, coriander, and soy sauce and cook for 1 - 2 minutes. Then add the beans and...read more

bacon chicken roll ups

Combine Dijon mustard, olive oil, and cumin and stir to mix well. Rinse chicken breasts and flatten until about 1/4 inch thick. Spread the oil and Dijon mustard mixture evenly on all chicken breasts and wrap 1 strip around each. You can use toothpicks to make it hold together. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 350 F and arrange the bacon chicken roll-ups...read more

chia seed pudding

Combine cinnamon, salt, and chia seeds in a bowl, add vanilla, and pour hot water. Mix well, add cream, and combine well. You can use almond or coconut milk instead of water. Stir gently until the mixture thickens. Refrigerate for 3 - 4 hours or overnight so that the seeds absorb liquid from the cream and soften. Divide into 4 cups and garnish with the sliced fruits. You can also garnish with...read more

creamy coleslaw

To make this healthy low carb coleslaw, first whisk Dijon mustard, yogurt, and mayonnaise in a small bowl and combine well. You may also use a food processor to process and blend the ingredients. Process until smooth and creamy. Season with black pepper and salt to taste.You can also add 1/4 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of butter milk...read more

egg bake with mozzarella and onion

Preheat oven to 180 C (350 F). Heat olive oil in a pan and add the onion. Optionally, you can add 3/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes and add the kale. Stir for about 1 - 2 minutes. If you use baby kale, cook for 1 minute. Beat the eggs. Spray oil in a casserole and transfer the onion and kale mix. Spread Mozzarella on top, add the eggs, and mix well. Bake until lightly brown or...read more

pork loins with cabbage

Combine the cabbage, carrots, onions and garlic in a bowl. In a large roasting pan place a layer of shredded cabbage mix (about half) then arrange the pork loins and place the rest of the cabbage mix on top.Add olive/coconut oil, seasoning and stock. Cover and bake for 1 1/2 hours on 375 F. Remove the lid and add the canned tomatoes. With a wooden spoon mix the tomatoes with the cabbage and bake...read more

low carb shepherds pie

Fill a pot with water, bring to boil, and add cauliflower. Season with salt and cook for 5 - 6 minutes or until soft and well done. Remove from heat and drain well. Use a food processor or blender, add 2 tablespoons of butter, season with salt and pepper, and puree. Heat 3 tablespoons of butter in a medium-sized pan, add onion, and cook for 2 - 3 minutes. Add carrots and cook for 3 - 4 minutes....read more

russian salad olivie

Boil the carrots and cauliflower. Leave aside to cool, chop and place in a salad bowl. Rinse the peas with water, drain and add to the mix. Squeeze the pickles, chop, and put in the bowl. Chop the hard boiled eggs, dice the ham, and add to the mix. Use a separate bowl to mix the mayonnaise, yogurt, and lemon juice. Mix well until you have a creamy, even sauce. Add to the salad mix, season with...read more

low carb panna cotta

Mix water and gelatin in a bowl and leave aside for 10 - 12 minutes. Mix sugar, vanilla bean and heavy cream in a saucepan on stovetop. Add a pinch of salt. Remove from heat when it starts to simmer and pour the gelatin mix over the cream. Combine well and divide into 6 dessert cups. (Wet the dessert cups with water to help release the panna cotta when you are ready to serve). Place in the...read more

bean salad medley

Rinse and drain the beans and chickpeas before preparation. Use a large salad bowl to combine the ingredients. Add the chickpeas, white kidney beans, and red kidney beans. Chop onion and add to the bowl. To prepare the vinaigrette dressing, use a separate bowl and mix vinegar and olive oil. Whisk well. You can add salt and pepper to taste. Pour the olive and vinegar dressing over the beans...read more

omelet with mushrooms and bacon

In a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat melt the butter and cook the bacon, chopped pepper and mushrooms until golden (about 2-3 minutes). Add the eggs, salt and the pepper. When edges of the omelet appear cooked using a spatula flip the eggs over. Use a spatula to slide the omelet onto a plate and serve. Garnish with sliced...read more

cream cheese pork loins

Preheat oven to 375 F. Cut a pocket in each pork loin. Fill with cream cheese. Place the pork, coconut oil, salt, pepper and wine in a pan, cover and bake for about an hour and a half.Add water in a skillet and bring to a boil. Add the green peas and cook for 1 minute in boiling water. Drain and put the peas in a dish and add butter, lemon juice and salt. Add the butter while the peas are still...read more

grilled tex mex sausage

Slice the sausage halfway lengthwise and fill in with tex-mex cheese mix. Grill in oven for 5-7 minutes until the cheese turns golden brown. Serve with salad or just plain tomatoes. Super-fast and easy to prepare low-carb snack or even dinner!...read more

smoked trout salad

Cut onions and trout fillets into small pieces. In a dish combine the trout, onions, lemon juice, olive oil and pepper. Top with olives and serve....read more

blackberries yogurt parfaits

Combine vanilla, yogurt, lemon peel, and sugar substitute in a bowl. Blend well. Rinse the blackberries. You can also use a combination of frozen blackberries and fresh blackberries. Use parfait glasses to assemble. Layer 2 - 3 tablespoons of the yogurt mix at the bottom of 4 glasses. Add blackberries and walnuts, then a layer of the yogurt mix and blackberries on top. Garnish with whipped...read more

low carb tiramisu

In a bowl using electric mixer beat the egg yolks with sugar substitute until creamy. Set aside. In a separate bowl beat the egg whites until fluffy and forming peaks. Add mascarpone cheese into egg yolks and beat lightly. Fold in sour cream and mix and beat lightly. Add the egg whites into the mix.Lightly and quickly dip the sugar free lady fingers into the coffee (I dip them on one side only)...read more

colorful veggie omelet

Deseed and chop the peppers into small pieces. Chop the small onion. In a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat melt the butter and cook the chopped peppers and onion until golden (about 2-3 minutes). Add the eggs, salt and the pepper. When edges of the omelet appear cooked using a spatula flip the eggs over.Use a spatula to slide the omelet onto a plate and serve. Garnish with sliced...read more

seafood chowder

Heat the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the carrot, leek and celery and saute, stirring often, for about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook, for 1 minute.Add the stock/water, basil, cumin. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, for about 10 minutes.Add the fish and sea food medley and cook, for 5 minutes. When the fish is just cooked add the tomatoes and simmer for...read more

baby beet salad

Get a medium sized bowl and grate the baby beets in it. Add the mayo and mix well. Crush the garlic using garlic press (preferable) and mix well. Serve the salad with celery sticks. You can keep the salad refrigerated for up to 5 days.Alternatively you can cook your beets. Place the raw beets in a large pot, fill up with water and bring to a boil. Cook for 1 hour on medium heat. When beets are...read more

prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloins

Spread the Dijon mustard on the pork loins and wrap one slice of prosciutto around each. Set aside. Chop the veggies. Preheat the olive oil in a cast iron pot and cook the pork loins. Cook them with the lid on for 5-7 minutes on each side. Add the vegetables, 1 cup of water and simmer for another 30 minutes. Add the tomato sauce and cook for 5 more minutes on low heat....read more

sausage omelet and celery

In a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat melt the butter and cook the sausages until golden (about 2-3 minutes). Add the eggs, salt and the pepper. When edges of the omelet appear cooked using a spatula flip the eggs over.Top the omelet with grated mozzarella. Use a spatula to slide the omelet onto a plate and serve. Garnish with the celery...read more

baby spinach and egg salad

Boil the eggs, peel them and quarter lengthwise. Deseed the pears and cut into thin slices. Toss the baby spinach into a bowl. Season with olive oil. Top with eggs, feta and pear and serve. The sweetness of the pear and the sourness of the feta cheese give this salad a unique...read more

no bake sweet salami

In a bowl, mix together the sugar-free powdered sugar and softened butter and beat with a mixer. Add the vanilla and beat until well blended and very creamy. Add the walnuts and cookies and mix well. Add the rum and cocoa powder and mix the dough with your hands.Shape the dough in a log/salami shape and set aside. Get a sheet of aluminum foil and spread corn starch or sugar-free powdered sugar on...read more

mushrooms beans and pepper medley

Remove the stem, core and seeds from the pepper and chop it. Chop the mushrooms and onion. Set aside.Heat the olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook, until soft and golden in color, about 7 to 8 minutes. Add the mushrooms, pepper and green beans and continue cooking until the mushrooms have turned golden...read more

mediterranean salad

Roast the sweet red peppers on a BBQ or use already roasted and pickled red peppers from a jar. Cut the cucumber, tomatoes and sweet red pepper and combine them in a large bowl. Add the dressing and top with the grated feta cheese. Serve immediately. (The freshly roasted red peppers have slightly different taste that gives this salad a special...read more

three cheese turkey wrap

Spread a thin layer of the cream cheese on the tortillas. You can substitute with yogurt if you like. Arrange the turkey cubes in a row and top with the cheese blend and finely chopped red pepper. Roll each tortilla up tightly and cut the wrap in half. Chill for 2 hours or serve immediately with a tablespoon of heavy cream on the...read more

roasted sweet red peppers

Roast the sweet red peppers on a gas burner or a BBQ; be careful not to burn them. Roast them until the skin becomes black. Remove the peppers from the heat and put them in a brown paper bag; seal the bag and let them steam in for 5-10 minutes. (this will help you peel the skin off easily) Remove from the bag and peel.Arrange the peppers on a serving plate. Use the garlic press and spread the...read more

baked salmon with cream cheese

Preheat the oven to 400 F or 200 C. Pour the olive oil in a baking tray and place the salmon steaks. Season with lemon juice and salt and pepper. Combine garlic with cream cheese and milk and mix well. You can microwave the cream cheese for about 30 seconds so that it is easy to spread. Spread the mix over the salmon steaks. Add the Parmesan on top of the cream cheese. Bake for about 20 - 25...read more

raspberry lemon curd

Lemon curd: Mix the eggs, lemon juice, and salt and use a stick blender to combine well. Move to a saucepan, heat, and stir regularly. Remove from heat when the mixture thickens and add the butter. Stir to combine well. Leave aside. Combine the sugar substitute, vanilla, and cream and whip. Then combine the raspberries, cream mixture, and lemon curd. Divide into 4 glasses or dessert dishes and...read more

broccoli and cheese frittata

Preheat oil in a frying pan and cook the onion for 3 - 4 minutes. Add the broccoli and cook for 4 - 5 minutes. Leave to cool. Combine the eggs with cottage cheese, season with salt and pepper, and mix well. Spread cooking oil evenly in a baking dish and combine the cooked broccoli with the egg and cheese mix. Bake for about 20-30 minutes. Garnish with grated cheddar. Serve with...read more

bacon and cauliflower hash browns

Preheat oil in a medium nonstick skillet and saute the onion for 2 - 3 minutes. Add the bacon and cook until brown. Stir in the cauliflower and cook for several minutes or until tender and light brown. Soften or melt the butter. Then add butter and stir. Butter speeds up cooking and browning. Add lemon juice and cook for 1 - 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle parsley on top. You...read more

beans cucumbers and feta cheese salad

Put the beans in a colander and rinse it with water. Drain well. Combine the olives, red onion, beans, tomatoes, and cucumber. Toss to mix well. Garnish with feta. Optionally, you can add 1 - 2 cloves minced garlic, fresh cilantro leaves, and 1 can of artichoke hearts. Italian-style dressing:

- 1/2 tablespoon of parsley
- 1/2 tablespoon of dried basil
- 1/3...read more

easy stir fry

Combine garlic, and soy sauce (balsamic vinegar) and season chicken and pork. Heat olive oil in a large wok and add chicken and pork. Stir-fry for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the meat from the wok and set aside. In the same wok add the carrots, broccoli, red bell peppers, and green beans and season with salt and pepper. Stir-fry for 7-10 minutes. The veggies need to be crunchy....read more

cottage style mojito

Place 5 mint leaves and 2 lime wedges into a jar mug and crush the lime and mint using a muddler. Add the sugar substitute (optional).Fill the glass almost to the top with ice. Pour the rum over the ice, and fill the glass with carbonated water (club soda). Stir and garnish with the remaining lime wedges and mint leaves.

Per Serving:
103 calories
2g...read more

egg stuffed meatloaf

Mix the ground beef, pork, salt, pepper, cumin and mint in a large bowl. Add the raw eggs and combine well. Use parchment paper to line the baking dish. Spread the meat mix and form a rectangle. Peel the hard boiled eggs and arrange them to form a row with the carrots and pickles. Then fold the meat mix on top of the eggs and press down to form the loaf. Heat the oven to 400F or 200 C. Add 1/2...read more

chicken with bell peppers and green beans

Cut each chicken breast into cubes. Heat the oil in a skillet and cook the chicken pieces, until golden. Set aside. Cut the bell peppers lengthwise and combine with the green beans (you can use green peas instead).In a clean pan add 1 cup water, the cooked chicken, bell peppers and green beans, pepper, cumin, salt. Simmer (about 15 minutes) and...read more

strawberry and cream cheese dessert

Prepare the strawberry syrup first. Simmer water, strawberries, and 1 tablespoon of sugar substitute for 10 - 15 minutes. Cool and strain to separate the syrup from the strawberries and set aside.Use a fork to break the cream cheese or process it in the food processor. Remove any liquid from the yogurt, transfer to a medium bowl, and combine it with the cream cheese. Add the strawberry syrup and...read more

sausage and cubanelle omelet

Melt 2 tbs of the butter in a frying pan and cook the sausage and pepper until golden (about 2 minutes).Then add the eggs, salt and the pepper. Cook until the eggs are to your taste, until just set, about 3 minutes.Sprinkle the omelet with the Cheddar/Tex-Mex on one side; fold the other side over. Use a spatula to slide the omelet onto a plate and...read more

stuffed bell peppers

Cut the top of the red bell peppers carefully. Cut out the stems from the tops. Remove the seeds, and rinse well. Cook the onion in a frying pan for about 3 - 4 minutes and add the ground pork and Worcestershire sauce. Season with salt, pepper, and parsley and cook for about 8 - 10 minutes over low heat. Set aside. Fill in the peppers with the meat mixture. Preheat oven to 180 C or 350 F. Place...read more

strawberry mascarpone parfaits

In a bowl, mix the chopped strawberries and mascarpone together with a fork until the mixture starts to turn pink. Set aside. In a separate bowl mix the yogurt and cream.Layer 2-3 tablespoons of the mascarpone mix at the bottom of 4 parfait glasses. Add a layer of blueberries then a layer of the yogurt mix on top. Garnish with whipped cream and raspberry, and...read more

portobello mushroom pizza

Scrape the gills and remove the stems. Season the caps with salt and pepper and drizzle with a little bit of olive oil on each side. Broil the caps for 3 - 4 minutes on each side. Set aside to cool.Mix mozzarella with cream and combine well. Sprinkle basil and mozzarella onto each Portobello cap. Add cherry tomatoes on top and finish with Parmigiano. Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C) and bake for 15...read more